Navigating Medicare enrollment and health coverage choices can be overwhelming. 

Milestone Medicare helps you through the process of selecting appropriate Medicare coverage based on your unique health and financial situation, so you can have peace of mind and feel completely confident in your decisions.

Our services are offered at no cost to our clients. 


If you are new to Medicare, getting ready to turn 65, or preparing to retire, we can help you understand and make decisions regarding your health coverage. Avoid penalties and coverage gaps; let us guide you through your new enrollment.


Medical Assistance and Medicare can work together. If you already have Medicare and want to apply for Medical Assistance to help cover out-of-pocket costs or healthcare not covered by Medicare, we can help you with that. We can also help those currently on Medical Assistance apply for Medicare coverage.


After 24 months on social security disability, your Medicare benefits are automatic. You’ll want to be sure to add coverage to limit your out-of-pocket exposure in prescription drug costs, copays, and coinsurance. We can help you choose an affordable option.


When you move, you may need to make changes to your Medicare Part D, Medicare Supplement, or Advantage Plan coverage. We will look at your current plans and advise you as to how to move forward in your new location. We can also reassess how your current coverage has worked for you and make suggestions for other changes.

Trying to navigate all your Medicare choices can be intimidating, especially with an ever-changing Medicare insurance environment. There are multiple parts to a comprehensive Medicare plan. If you are confused about what you need, what automatically is and isn’t covered, and what additional coverage is available, we can help you sort it out. 

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