You've worked your whole life to reach retirement, and now you can look forward to creating new memories.

But your ability to enjoy the years ahead depends on protecting your physical and financial well-being.  

The goal when choosing Medicare coverage is to support your health while helping manage your financial risk. 

​ The challenge? Navigating Medicare can be confusing.  

The good news? You don’t have to become a Medicare expert, and you don’t have to go through this process alone.  

Milestone Medicare is here to help.  All we do is Medicare.   And our consulting and enrollment services are available at no cost to you.

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You are mostly likely eligible to receive Medicare benefits when you turn 65, but does that mean you are required to sign up?

What if you are planning to continue working? And how do you go about enrolling? If your 65th birthday is approaching, contact us.

We can help you understand how and when to enroll in Original Medicare to avoid lifetime penalties. We can show you how to keep from  paying premiums for services you don't yet need. And we can also investigate whether it's time for you to take advantage of coverage benefits that Medicare provides. 

Looking for more information? 

Check out our Enrollment Timeline

and Enrollment Navigator.


After you have enrolled in Original Medicare, you have a choice to make. That's because in almost every situation, Original Medicare alone is not enough coverage to adequately help you protect your financial and physical wellbeing. 

Your responsibility is still around 20% of your total costs, and there is no maximum to the out of pocket costs you could pay. There is no prescription drug coverage with Original Medicare. 

So what options do you have? There are two very different ways to shore up your coverage. We can help you choose, and then work with you  enroll in the plan that best helps you meet your health care coverage needs.


It's important to maintain Medicare coverage that is appropriate for your current financial situation, and the current status of your health. 

Both of these things can change over time, and your plans can change too.

Annually, we can help you assess

your evolving needs related to:

  • Prescriptions

  • Physicians

  • Premiums and cost

  • Coverage for extra services


Each year, we encourage you to reach out to us between October 15 and December 7

during the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP)

to find out if that plan you are on

is still the most appropriate option for you.

Trying to navigate all your Medicare choices can be intimidating, especially with an ever-changing Medicare insurance environment. There are multiple parts to a comprehensive Medicare plan. If you are confused about what you need, what automatically is and isn’t covered, and what additional coverage is available, we can help you sort it out. 

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