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Do you have team members who are turning 65 and/or are retiring soon?

Consider partnering with us:   All we do is Medicare. Best of all,  there is no cost to you or your employees for our personalized enrollment and consulting services. 


We can offer you:

  • A custom, co-branded landing page where your team members can go to get more information and to get the process started.  

  • Breakroom flyers for you to distribute, or to post in common areas at your business. 

  • Informational seminars conducted at your workplace, if you have a group of employees who are interested in Medicare basics. 

  • Other tools and support on request to meet your specific needs.  

woman presenting paperwork to another woman

How can we help your employees with Medicare?

three women at a meeting

We help your team members navigate the unique considerations they face as they secure health care coverage upon turning 65 and after retirement. Specifically, we can work with them to:   


  • Ensure creditable coverage to avoid Part B and Part D penalties.  

  • Take advantage of the Medicare SEP (Special Enrollment Period) related to losing employer coverage at retirement.  

  • Review IRMAA (Income-related Medicare premium adjustment) thresholds.  

  • look at tax implications related to Part A Medicare enrollment and HSAs.   

  • Weigh options for veterans, who may also have VA coverage in retirement.   

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